I’ve recently come to realize that using high quality skin care products are so important! They make such a huge difference in my skin and in preventing aging and wrinkles. I really loved trying out this skin care collection from Merciance.

First I start my nightly routine with the Cleansing mousse to wash off my makeup, it’s hydrating gel formula leaves my face feeling fresh instead of tight and dry. Then I used the duo synergies serum on my face and neck and let it set in for about a minute before. The two part serums instantly smooths wrinkles and leaves a matte and velvety finish and natural glow to your skin. Last is my favorite part, the anti-aging collagen cream. I apply it to my whole face and neck area and my face immediately feels moisturizer and hydrated. It’s light and creamy and helps soften and tone your skin while also strengthening the tissue elasticity.

Okay so I know those are kind of wordy descriptions but I think it’s important when you’re looking for a skin care line to know what the product actually targets. There are SO many skin care lines and anti aging products it’s hard to know what to choose for your face because everyone’s skin is also different. I have fairly dry to normal skin so I love products that make my skin feel hydrated and help my makeup go on smooth the next morning without any dry flakes. I have been using this skin care line for a few months and I can tell the difference in my skins elasticity and texture! You can go their website here and check it out! Use code 178576 for 25% off your first purchase!

What is your nightly routine? We’d love to hear!



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