We have all been dying of cabin fever for the past few months because of how cold it has been!  We had a few weather teasers where it would be nice and warm and then the very next day it would snow and be like 36 degrees! Brrr! What started as a nice day kinda turned into a cold and windy day but we had already promised our kids that we’d take them to the park and have a picnic. When we finally got to the park, one didn’t want to get out of the car, or get dressed for that matter, haha so she sat in the car with no clothes on haha! The other 2 kept coming over to our blanket every now and then but were more interested in playing. We packed some Annie’s Popcorn, that we picked up at Sam’s Club, that the kids loved so they would come get some and then go back to playing. Whenever we take the kids to the park for a picnic, we like to take easy grab and go packages that don’t need utensils or napkins after. I love that Annie’s is convenient without sacrificing health or flavor! And I love that it’s only available at Sam’s Club, because it comes in perfect snack size bags. Our kids love it, and WE love it. When I pack for a picnic, I also want to make sure that whatever I am feeding the kids, I enjoy eating it too! I also have been eating this popcorn every night because I love it so much, I need to head back to Sams Club and pick up some more!

What are your favorite #DiscoverAnnies snacks and meals to buy? Let us know in the comments below!

Here’s some of our outfit details too…

Blanket//Spanglish Heart


Chelsea’s Grey Sweater//Elan

Jaclyns Tan long cardigan//Elan



Thanks to @peacephoto for taking these pictures! 

Special thanks to Annies Popcorn & Acorn Influence for sponsoring this post!

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