I am so excited to announce baby #TWO joining our family this April! Which makes me just over 12 weeks!! This baby has been a long time coming, as my little girl will be a few months shy of turning 4 before baby is here. For a long time, I just wasn’t ready to be pregnant for selfish reasons and then once I finally decided to get pregnant, it took longer than I expected it too. I am just thankful for this tiny little miracle growing inside of me and trying to regain some energy from my first trimester!
Not gonna lie, pregnancy is kinda something I struggle with. Besides the fact that I’m always STARVING, even after I’ve scarfed 4 pieces of pizza! And a little nauseous in the first trimester, but gaining weight has to be the hardest for me. While I remind myself it’s for a good cause, it’s still hard for me to see my body change so rapidly. I seriously thought I was having twins because I put on so much weight so quickly and literally could not hide my belly by week 7. All in all, I am very excited for this sweet babe to come and can’t wait to see my little girl, Quinn, to have a sibling! She is so excited and it just makes my mama heart melt when she says sweet things about the baby.

 I’ve been out of the baby loop for awhile so all you new mamas tag your favorite shops and tell me what all the “cool mom” stuff for your new babes is!



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  • Yay! I also can’t wait to see Quinn be a big sister cause I think she’ll be the sweetest! Let me know if you ever need anything, like help watching quinn for you to nap or dinner one night. I’ll make you something yummy.

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