Because going shopping with a huge car seat while trying to fit all your groceries (or target finds) is hard…and that’s why I love my Binxy baby shopping cart hammock. Seriously though, before I had Brody I thought grocery shopping would be one of my biggest chores/hassle because I didn’t know where I would fit him in the cart along with all of my groceries. I’m so glad I have this shopping hammock to let him relax in or sleep and it’s so easy to attach to the grocery cart. It will even hold the car seat too! It holds and supports up to 50 lbs! Doing the mom thing is already hard enough and I have so many things to worry about and prepare for, so anything that will make my life easier is perfect and that is just what this does! It’s totally safe for baby and can be used all the way up to 8 months or until they are sitting up on their own! It fits all standard grocery carts too which is great. I just keep mine In my car and grab it before I go into the store! You can grab yours at and thank me later? 

I also need to take a moment to talk about these cute moccasins…I die in the cuteness of them? They are the perfect accessory and complete any outfit. A lot of days Brody doesn’t make it out of his Jammie’s, which is fine cause cute babies in Jammie’s is yummy. But when I do get him dressed, freshly picked is like the cherry on top! I mean who doesn’t love to accessorize their baby! These ones are still a bit big on Brody, but I ordered a bigger size on purpose so they would fit him a little longer. I absolutely love them and how soft they are for his feet. Freshly picked has so many different styles and colors of Mocs you won’t be able to choose just 1! I love pairing them with just about anything! 

Moccasins//Freshly Picked 

Hat// Kb cute designs

Diaper bag//Lily Jade


Jaclyn & Chelsea 

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