Pregnancy can do weird things to your skin. Jaclyn and I both get hyper pigmentation on our face. Which basically means all your age and sun spots come out extra strong and dark circles under our eyes. We’ve both used Vine Vera’s skin care line in the past and we both absolutely loved it! I was so excited when they asked me to try their new lines. I chose the correcting serum and randiance cream from their Resveratol Zinfandelo line which has helped reverse some of my age spots and even out my skin tone. I also chose the morning and night recovery from their Chianti line to help repair some of the discoloring I had during pregnancy and bring some glow back to my skin. I love that there are two creams, one specifically for day and one for night. Because your skin really needs different things for each. They are both so moisturizing and smell so good they make me feel like I’m getting a facial at a spa!! I can personally feel the difference in the quality of the ingredients every time I use it and can already see results in my skin in the last 6 weeks! Skin care is something that has become so important to me in the past few years and knowing that I’m using quality products helps me feel confident that my skin in getting what it needs to look it’s best for years down the road. If you want nice glowing skin when you’re 50 the time to start is NOW.  You can find out more about Vine Vera’s collections and what best fits your needs and skin types here! Hope you all have a good week, thanks for reading! 

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