I am so excited to announce we will be welcoming a baby boy this spring! I officially hit 20 weeks this past week {half way there?} and had my 20 week ultra sound and found out the gender! I have to admit, my husband was more excited about the news of a little boy than I was. I was hoping for a girl, so that my daughter, Quinn, would have a sister. I am so close with my sisters that I just can’t imagine a world without them and want the same for her. However, one of my oldest friends from my childhood gave me a cute little milk and cookies pajama outfit and I just started crying because I could imagine my little babe dressed in it and it made it a bit more real. To say I’ve been a bit emotional this pregnancy would be an understatement! Sometimes when I’m at the gym on the treadmill, I just start crying and have no idea why!? Maybe it’s the rush of adrenaline or endorphin’s kicking in??? I DONT KNOW?
Anyway, I’d love to hear any boy name ideas {I am at a loss} or your favorite baby shops to shop at!

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  • Congrats on the boy! There is certainly a special bond between a brother and sister. We have one of each and are expecting our 3rd (and last…sniff sniff) baby in early March. We are having a girl so I can share our boy name choice…Oliver! It has been at the top of our list for years. Good luck choosing!

  • Chelsea!! So exciting!! Your photos are beautiful. Sara will probably have just one other baby (she has a boy – Elliot 10 months), but it’s weird to contemplate the possibility that she will only have boys!! We have such a special relationship that I feel a little weird about it too. But either way, babies and children are such a blessing and they will help shape our beautiful lives!!

    I wanted to tell you about this children’s clothing company, ARQ — shoparq.com, that is based in McMinnville and all of their clothing is produced in the US (CA, I think). The clothes are soft and comfortable, but they are meant to be really durable and functional as well! The styles are a little different and don’t suit everyone, but they are inspired by the Pacific Northwest and I think they are so so cute! I think the sized run from 6mo – 4T maybe?? What size is Quinn? She might still fit in some of their dresses and things! Check out their Journal on the website to see some of their past designs. It looks like they don’t have their new winter items up on the site yet, but I’m sure they are coming. They have GREAT sales several times a year because they are always turning over their inventory and designs. My sister-in-law (to be) worked for the company for a little while and I just totally love them. Let me know what you think!!! Cheers, Emily Smith – PHS 2008 😉 😉

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