Have you ever noticed those girls who have thick long beautiful hair? And you think, how do they get hair like that? What pill or shampoo are they using to get that hair? Well here’s a little secret, its called extensions! I  do think some girls are blessed with hair like that, but we certainly weren’t.  We have widows peaks and very fine/thin hair. So for us, we wanted to find a solution to help thicken our hair and make it easier to do. We generally use tape in extensions in our hair but when we are in between extensions we always use our Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions. What I love about clip ins is that you get to take them out at night and brush all the way through you hair and you can play around with your hair length so easily and really change up your look. Plus they are super easy to put in.  The package we used has 10 diffferent clip in pieces to use. 1 pc of 4 clips , 2 pcs of 3 clips , 5 pcs of 2 clips , 2 pcs of 1 clip. I hope that makes sense!

 Irresistible Me extensions have just about every shade so you can match your hair color and a variety of different price points to fit every budget. We use the Royal Remy Natural Black shade and 24 inch extensions and 200 mg for weight.

We wanted to show you guys a before and after of Jaclyn wearing them.



Head to Irresistible Me to see all the options you can have for your hair and play with your look!



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