With Mothers day this weekend we wanted to write a little tribute to our Mom. Where do you even start when talking about your Mom though! Our Mom is one of the strongest women I know.  Not just mentally but physically! She has always taught us the value of HARD WORK! From a very early age, I can remember doing chores as a family, and not just on saturdays, everyday! Most of my friends or neighbors didn’t want to come to our house because they knew if they did they would probably get put to work haha. Our parents have always been self employed and ran their business’s from home.  So there was always a lot of opportunities to work. As a kid, obviously I felt like everyone had an easier life than us, and like we were the only family who ever did chores! It wasn’t until I lived on my own for the first time that I began to appreciate that I knew how to work. It taught me that if I wanted something bad enough, all I had to do was work for it. It gave me the confidence (even if it was a false sense of confidence) that I could do anything, which eventually led us to starting our blog!

When Chelsea and I started our blog over a year ago, we didn’t have much to put into it financially.  Neither of us have ever owned a designer bag or pair of shoes over $100 for that matter.  We had always been taught to do things on the cheap! Haha, we dyed each others hair, we did each others hair extensions, and we basically shared everything we each had to make it work. Not much has changed, except maybe a few more pairs of shoes. But learning to make something out of nothing, is something our Mom taught us! You don’t have to have the most expensive bag, the nicest car, or the name brand anything to make you successful.

Our mom took every opportunity to turn conversations or disappointments into teaching moments.  She taught me everything I know about being a mother and wife myself. You never know the amount of work, stress, and sleepless nights your mom went through until you have your own children. My goal as a mother is more than just doing anything to make my kids happy, but to teach them to work for it themselves if it truly makes them happy. Because you appreciate it so much more when you earn it! So thank you Mom, for the confidence you gave me to never be afraid to fail and the confidence to keep trying even when I do!

What are your #ThankfulMOMents?

We love you, Mom!




  • What a sweet surprise to read this! Thank you both for the kind words and shared memories. We did always have chores! I’m so proud of you both, for making this blog and Salted Sisters come to life. That’s a really sweet gift to see your kids succeed! Love ya, Mom

  • awww, that was really really sweet; Good kids don’t become great people by accident, it really does take hard work, patience and a whole lot of prayer! And even then parents feel just darn lucky if their kids turn out OK… but you two are exceptional! And not by accident… you are both beautiful inside & out, and you make your parents proud…. and the rest of your Aunt’s and Uncles, and cousins and grand Parents too! Keep up the good work, hard soon become simple; or so they say! Love you loads, can hardly wait to see you all again!

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