vine vera, skin care, rose water, salted sisters,   We recently teamed up with Vine Vera Skin Care to test out their skin care line. I never really used to be into skin care that much, but recently I started realizing I need to take better care of my skin. I try not to go tanning anymore, although sometimes I just can’t help myself and I go once or twice to get a quick glow. I used to always feel guilty for spending money on expensive skin face creams or makeup. Then I was at a girls night, and one of my friends said, you know what? I’m a woman! Who has had kids! And am nearing my 30’s! So I think it’s okay if I start buying products that will help my skin stay youthful and prevent aging. I don’t know why but that really resonated with me cause I used to always feel like I couldn’t afford it and just buy the cheap stuff. But you really can’t put a price on nice glowing skin! At least that’s what my 50 year old mind will tell me! And I’ll be grateful I listened!

Anyway- with that said, I really love this skincare line. It comes with a pre-mask wash, petal-peel mask, radiant cream and skin tone correcting serum.

vine vera, skin care, rose water, salted sisters,

vine vera, skin care, rose water, salted sisters, face mask The illuminating pre-mask is the first step, and all you do is wash your face with it like usual. It’s a very light scrub and makes your skin really soft and preps it for the illuminating petal peel mask

vine vera, skin care, rose water, salted sisters, face mask The next step is mixing the petal peel powder, petal peel activating gel and little vitamin E gel together in the bowl until it creates a thick consistency as pictured above. You will be able to see the little rose petals in there too which is kinda cool. After that’s all mixed you apply it all to your face and neck with the mixing spoon. It goes on fairly thick and after about 20 minutes, you peel it off washing away any residue that is left on your face.  I love peeling masks off like this and your face feels and looks so smooth after, I love it!! I finish with the corrective toning serum and radiant cream.

You can watch a tutorial on how to use it HERE.

This skincare system uses roses and resveratrol and they are known for their beauty enhancing benefits and antioxidant properties. This one of a kind set is designed to reveal a more radiant and even skin tone. Formulated with ingredients such as Diatomite, collagen and rose bud powder, the Resveratrol Illuminating Petal-Peel System is the ideal solution for discoloration and dull skin.

Let me know what you think  and please tell me what your favorite skincare products are! I’m always looking for new ones to try out.



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