Potty training can always be an intimidating adventure and one that we often procrastinate. I’m excited that it’s finally time to jump on the “big boy” wagon and graduate from diapers! I still remember as a kid feeling instantly “bigger”! After having potty trained my little girl a few years ago, I learned a few things I would do again and things I would want to change this time around.
One thing I didn’t like while potty training with Emery, my 5-year-old little girl, was that I felt like we were on house arrest and couldn’t go anywhere while she was getting the hang of things! So I decided that to make it easier on myself I would use Pull-Ups this time. This way I would have the flexibility of keeping up with our activities and errands and the ease of using a Pull-Up would mean no trips where we ended up “pantless “at the end haha
I decided that I needed to get Nixon on board with me and excited about his new big boy Pull-Ups! So I took him out on s little ” date with mommy” to SAMs Club. We went to the food court first, obviously! Then we headed down the baby aisle to let him pick out his big boy box of Pull-Ups! I also picked up a box of Cottonelle Freshcare Cleasing Flushable Wipes to make sure we finished up the job the right way. It can get messy in the end zone sometimes and having flushable wipes not only makes them feel better but gives me comfort in knowing they are completely clean!
He was so excited to pick out his own box! And loved the Lightning McQueen character, what little boy doesn’t love cars! And bonus, it has a cute little toddler backpack in the box that Nixon absolutely was thrilled about!! They have girl character Pulls-Up too of course!When we got back home I had him put on the Pull-Up and practice pulling them down and sitting on the potty. We also got him a little ducky seat to sit on over top of the toilet so he wasn’t so scared about falling in, both my kids are terrified of falling in the toilet haha! Something that worked really well with my daughter was setting a timer on the microwave for 20 minutes and having her sit on the potty and try to go every 20 minutes. I talked with Nixon about doing the same and he agreed! I don’t think he quite  understood but he’s such a sweet boy and just nodded his head anyway haha! He stayed in his Pull Up AND his backpack which he put his Lightening Mcqueen car in. Potty training is seriously all about making it fun for your little one. It took a couple 20 minute rounds, but he finally actually went on the potty!! We were both jumping for joy and high fiving and it was so cute I had to document it! We used the Cottonelle Freshcare Flushable Cleansing Wipes and gave it a flush! We continued throughout the day and Nixon did great.
I don’t think potty training can be done in one day, but he definitely is getting the hang of it and loving his Pull Ups! Next up, big boy undies! If you’re thinking it’s about time to potty train your little one, head to Sam’s Club and get their big box of Pull-Ups. When you purchase any two Pull-Ups Training Pants and/or Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths you receive a $10 e-Gift Card! You can also visit HERE where you can enter to win a $500 Sam’s Club Gift Card just by sharing a family photo. And of course I wish good luck to everyone who is embarking on this adventure with their toddler! Share your adventures and use the hashtag #trainingtogether to see others who on your same journey!

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