gigixvaseline, saltedsisters, gigi new york, vaseline


gigixvaseline, saltedsisters, gigi new york, vaseline
gigixvaseline, saltedsisters, gigi new york, vaseline

 Today I am sharing with you what I keep in my bag from the day to day. In the last year, I have become pretty obsessed with handbags and purses. I used to keep a purse for a few years and always use the same one, but now I’ve started buying more because they can add so much to your outfit and really make it all pop and look put together! Chelsea and I are especially loving our Gigi New York Leather tote right now. The color and texture is perfect for spring and I can fit so many things in there which is perfect since i’m on the go a lot. Some of the things that I always carry with me though, no matter the size or shape of my bag are…

  1. My phone, duh. You wont see me without me phone whether i’m emailing back and forth (I love checking my email, haha) or just texting, instagramming, ect. I should probably go on a phone fast, but howww? haha.
  2. My calendar- I always need to have a little calendar with me to write notes on keep track of everything. I cant bring myself to use the calendar on my phone, i’m a very visual person and need to have it all layed out in front of me. So I have a little pocket sized calendar I always use.
  3. Lipstick- Well lets just say it’s a sad day if my lipstick isn’t in my bag. Which does happen sometimes when I switch bags or when my little girl gets in to my bag and takes it out, like this morning. I was putting my makeup on and she had found my new lipstick and covered herself in it. It was all over her face, neck, clothes and legs. I was just about to run out of the house too! Needless to say, my morning errands were delayed and if you look close enough, you can still see lipstick on her face cause I couldn’t get it all off of her. haha
  4. My wallet or cards. Whats the point of going somewhere if you can’t buy anything! Or in case of emergency, cause I really am trying to be better about not spending money.
  5. My Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins. Guys, I have been using these for a few weeks now and I am obsessed! I put it on in the morning or before I put on my lipstick and I love them.. They make my lips so smooth and moisurized and they smell amazing. They also come in 4 different flavors,  Rosy (my favorite), Aloe Vera, Original and Cocoa. I love the little monogrammed holder for my lip tins because no matter how big or small my bag is, I don’t have to dig through it to find my lip balm now. I just clip it to the outside of my purse for the day and it looks cute and is practical too, which i’m all about.


gigixvaseline, saltedsisters, gigi new york, vaseline

Vaseline and the cutest leather handbags and accessories company, Gigi New York have partnered together so that when you make a purchase before 3/19 (just a few days left) with Gigi New York of $100+ you will receive a FREE customized Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin and monogrammed leather Lip Therapy Tin Holder. If you purchase the leather holder seperately you will receive the item monogrammed at no charge, along with a free customized Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin. Visit for more details! Offer valid until supplies last.

gigixvaseline, saltedsisters, gigi new york, vaseline   gigixvaseline, saltedsisters, gigi new york, vaseline
gigixvaseline, saltedsisters, gigi new york, vaseline gigixvaseline, saltedsisters, gigi new york, vaseline

Outfit details:

Coral Tote & Monogrammed holder//Gigi New York

Pants: Articles of Society via Nordsrom Rack & under $40

White shirt//Called to Surf

Pink Blazer//H&M 

Gold Bracelets//The Peach Box

Shoes: Steve Madden via Tj Maxx

I usually always have a bunch of other things in my bag, but these things are my essentials that I always have (with the exceptions of the occasional missing lipstick, haha). What are your must have items in your bag?

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by!



Thanks to Gigi New York & Vaseline for sponsoring this post.

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