Okay okay, I know this sounds super cheesy, but I probably get the best ab workouts because Jaclyn is always making me laugh^^^. She’s always cracking jokes and im always laughing at them. Maybe I am easily amused or maybe she’s actually funny. You’ll have to find out for your self …{snapchat:saltedsisters}

One thing that always makes me excited to go the gym each day, is cute workout clothes. Now I know this sounds dumb, but when I  like what I’m wearing at the gym it makes me more confident. Whether that means trying new machines that I have no idea how to use or upping my weights, it just works for me! I love this top from Senita Athletics! It’s super comfy and I like that it’s tight in my waist. I also like the cute back detail!

I will leave links for everything else I’m wearing below. Oh and these Nikes are my new fav and were less than $50!!! When you find Nike shoes for under $50 you buy them. I actually couldn’t find the exact same pair of Nikes, so I linked a similar style below…

Blue Tank: c/o Senita Athletics

{Use Promo Code “ss10” to receive 10% off all items at Senita. Valid through May 18, 2016}

Black Yoga Pants: c/o Beyond Yoga

Nike Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (couldn’t find exact ones, but linked similar HERE)

Fit Bit: I love my Fit Bit and use it everyday. I always try to get atleast 10k steps in a day!



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